Winter White Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

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I am obsessed with all things Christmas right now. Cookies, movies, gift wrapping, lights, and all the fun that comes with putting up our holiday tree. Listen, this girl starts planning the tree way before she should. I think about what theme or color I want to use. Do I want to do the same thing as last year, or do I want to try new Christmas tree decorating ideas? White lights or colored lights? Tinsel or no tinsel. (These are the things that keep me up at night.)

This year, I handed the decorating reins over to one of our amazing brand partners (who shall remain “Top Secret Santa”). In exchange for our feedback (and yours, too), they sent us a complete Winter White Themed Christmas Tree Kit. Ornaments, garland, bling, and all the Christmas things. In this post, we are sharing an exclusive preview of what this store has in the works for next season.

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Winter White Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas | Buy This Cook That

White Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas + Tree Kit Survey

Confession: I am a recovering Christmas control freak. Ask my daughters or my husband, and they will tell you how most years, I obsess over the tree. I line up all of the ornaments by color, sheen, and shape. Then I place them on the tree one ornament at a time, careful not to get any two of one type too close together.

In the past, after my kids placed ornaments on the tree, I would go behind them and move them over a branch or two so they were in exactly the scientific and mathematically precise position. I am so bad. 

Fluffing an artificial tree

I’m the gal that usually puts MORE lights on a pre-lit tree. Yep. That’s me. Guilty as charged. I also have different colored storage containers full of each color / theme. We have a gold tub. A bronze decorations tub. A tub full of sparkly turquoise ornaments. And of course, reds and greens.

Where are my Christmas people at? I know you feel me on this. 

But this year, back in July (yes, July), I decided I wanted a tree decorated completely in white. My husband’s eyes ROLLED in the back of his head when he thought about the future “White Christmas Tub” that would be stuffed in our closet along with the rainbow of holiday madness.

He was about to veto the idea when the sky parted and angels sang and our Top Secret Santa brand partner asked if we wanted to check out their Winter White Christmas Tree Kit.

Thank you Sweet Baby Jesus, my Christmas prayers have been answered. I can now add Christmas Tree Beta Tester to my resume. Now….if I could convince my husband that I can put up two trees….

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Christmas Tree Decorating Kit

This is also a big Christmas for our two oldest daughters. They are both celebrating their first Christmas on their own. In their own homes. With their own trees. On a budget. This kit is an ideal Christmas tree decorating solution for young couples just starting their own traditions.

It gives them instant gratification of having a professional looking tree that they can build on for years. They get all the gorgeous, color-coordinated baubles, garland, ribbon, and ornaments packaged in Step-by-Step boxes. Plus they can add family ornaments that have been handed down.

Step by step decorating kit for Christmas Tree

Everything was shipped to me in two boxes. One box contained a 6.5 pre-lit tree. The other box comes with soooo many goodies. My eyes kept opening wider and wider as I opened each package of ornaments. I was literally giggling out loud at how much fun it was to go through all of the decorations. “Baby, look at this one!” or “OMG look how precious!”

My daughters and I had so much fun with this.

Create the illusion of a fuller tree and a soft glow by tucking tinsel garland pieces in the center of the Christmas tree.

Tuck pieces of inexpensive tinsel garland inside the tree near the trunk. The lights will reflect off of the metallic garland, creating a soft glow.

Use ornaments of all shapes and sizes to give your Christmas tree visual interest.

Six Steps in our Tree Decorating Kit:

  • Step 1 – Garland and ornament hooks. Yes, they thought of everything. This box contained three types of garland  and more than enough hooks to decorate the entire tree.
  • Step 2 – Ornament Balls. This box contained ball ornaments of various sizes and finishes.
  • Step 3 – Special Ornaments. This box was full of beautiful ornaments…sparkling snowflakes, feathery angel wings, glass-like reindeer, and more.
  • Step 4 – Nutcrackers + Houses. To mix up the shape and size of ornaments, this box included several large nutcracker ornaments and tiny little houses that have a light shining through the window.
  • Step 5 – Floral Sprays, Ribbon + Reindeer. This kit is so much fun! Glittery flowers, picks, shiny ribbon, and blinged-out rhinestone reindeer turn the tree into a show-stopper.
  • Step 6 – Tree Topper + Tree Skirt. Winter white finishing touches.

Winter White Christmas Tree

The kit is perfect for anyone who wants a completely put together look without the time and energy of shopping for ornaments. I am 100% in love with this kit. It made decorating so much easier and less stressful and time consuming.

Our kit came with a tree, but you can certainly use your own tree or a pre-cut tree. The kit comes with enough ornaments to decorate a very large tree.

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Nutcracker Christmas Tree Ornament

Winter White Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas + Tips:

  1. Add the lights first if you are not using a pre-lit Christmas tree.
  2. Have an artificial tree? Fluff, fluff, fluff. Shape the branches in a natural way to mimic a real tree.
  3. Cut tinsel garland and tuck the sections into the center of the tree. This reflects light and creates a soft glow.
  4. Tuck scented ornaments, cinnamon sticks or even a car air freshener or fabric softener sheet into the center of the tree.
  5. Before adding ornaments, loosely drape beads or garland from the top of the tree to the bottom.
  6. Add small ball-shaped ornaments, tucking them inside the tree instead of all on the outside.
  7. Layer in the larger ball ornaments. Try to space them out evenly around the tree.
  8. Once the ball ornaments have been placed, add different shapes, sizes, sheen, and texture throughout the tree.
  9. To get ornaments to stay where you want them, wind the string or hook around the branch. You can also prop up larger ornaments on the branches below.
  10. Add show-stopper pieces that are unexpected. In our Christmas Tree Kit, the unique ornaments were the nutcrackers, houses, over-sized glitter snowflakes, and the jewel-encrusted reindeer.
  11. Tuck flowers and picks into the tree to fill any open spots and give the tree dimension.
  12. Wind ribbon down the tree, and tuck into place between branches.
  13. Pull apart an inexpensive cotton tree skirt to create “snow”. Lay the pieces of cotton along open branches, tucking it behind larger ornaments.
  14. Don’t forget your tree topper. Draw attention up the tree by placing large flowers or ornaments near the top.
Tuck sections of polyfil along branches to create a snow effect.

Drape inexpensive poly-fil / cotton along the branches, tucking behind the ornaments to create a fun “snow” effect. (This also helps artificial trees appear fuller.)

Christmas Tree Decorating Kit | Buy This Cook That

Here are more pictures of our Winter White Christmas Tree so you can see the final result:

Christmas tree topper

What do you think about this Christmas Tree Decorating Kit? Complete this Quick Survey for a chance to win a $100 Visa Gift Card for sharing your thoughts.

Sparkling ornaments on a Christmas Tree

I am having a hard time deciding what my favorite part of this Christmas Tree is…I can’t stop looking at it. At night it sparkles and shines, the soft lights glowing against the white and silver ornaments is so pretty.

Winter White Christmas Tree Decorating | Buy This Cook That

Winter White Christmas Tree Decorating | Buy This Cook That

This kit is not available yet, but this is an exclusive preview. If the retailer made this Christmas Tree Decorating Kit available nationwide, would you be interested? What is your favorite part about this tree? They want to hear from you.

What do you think about this Christmas Tree Decorating Kit? Complete this Quick Survey for a chance to win a $100 Visa Gift Card for sharing your thoughts.

Winter White Christmas Tree Decorating | Buy This Cook That

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Winter White Christmas Tree Decorating | Buy This Cook That

Even MORE Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas:

  1. Use items from your home to stage your tree for a unique look that is totally you. We placed our tree in a galvanized tub and arranged the snowy tree skirt and a vintage linen and lantern.
  2. Does your tree have too many “holes”? Take a walk around the yard. Use natural evergreens and pine cones as “filler” to go along side the ornaments.
  3. For every foot of tree, use at least 100 lights.
  4. Don’t forget the inside branches!
  5. Skimpy tree? Fix it with a strand or two of evergreen garland (real or artificial).
  6. Reflective ornaments create the illusion of a fuller tree.
  7. Make a short tree appear taller by placing it on wooden blocks covered with a tree skirt, tub, or basket.

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  1. Ivy G. says

    I must know where the kit came from. It is beautiful. You tree looks amazing! I would Looooove to get a kit instead of buying individual ornaments myself in order to stick to a theme. I would buy this in a heartbeat!

  2. Merlin Dryer says

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    • Teri says

      The kit was going to be offered by the 99 Cent Store (based in the West Coast). I have not seen it offered yet, so I wonder if it is still in development.

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