The Most Epic Superbowl Party Recipes Ever

My family loves football. Well, I love football, and my family likes it. The action, the beautiful passes, the hard hitting, the mind-altering catches.  The joy…the agony. If I thought anyone would read it, I would totally start a football blog. Isn’t it great how America turns everything into a food event? Especially the big game.

Did you know that Superbowl Sunday is the SECOND BIGGEST FOOD EVENT  in the United States?? (Second only to Thanksgiving. Seriously? I love the USA!) That tells me three things. 1-People love football. 2-People love to eat. 3-People love to eat while watching football. Here is our collection of Superbowl Party Recipes for the big game.

BONUS: These recipes taste just as good on paper plates as they do on fine china. Amazing.

Want the very best Superbowl Party Recipes Ever? Click here!

The Most Epic Superbowl Recipes Ever.

Nashville Hot Chicken Quesadillas + Tacos

Get a little country flavor at your next gameday party with these spicy little quesadillas and tacos.

Nashville Hot Chicken Quesadillas...two of my favorite game day snacks combined into one.



Pimento Cheese Bacon Jalapeno Poppers

Yes. I did. I stuffed fresh spicy jalapeno peppers with homemade cheddar pimento cheese and wrapped those suckers in bacon. GAME ON.

There's no shame in our game day food, ya'll. Get a bite of these Pimento Cheese Bacon Jalapeño Poppers.


Meatball Marinara Skillet

Meatballs simmered in homemade marinara sauce and topped with loads of gooey mozzarella? Sign me up, coach. Serve with crusty bread for a game day great.



Sour Cream + Cheddar French Onion Dip

It is time for the Game of the Year. The occasion calls for the Dip of the Year. Yep, I’m going there. This French onion dip will make you the MVP of your party.

Love me some French Onion Dip, don't you?




Bacon Wrapped Venison Bites

Meaty and hearty, these savory and tender bites of venison are wrapped in hickory smoked bacon and glazed with BBQ sauce. Score.

Bacon Wrapped Venison Bites | Buy This Cook That


Touchdown Dr Pepper Ice Cream Floats

These. Are. Spectacular. Cold cherry ice cream topped with sweet fizzy Dr Pepper, then swirled with whipped topping, chocolate + cherries. Winner.

My favorite part about football? Scoring touchdowns. My favorite part about this football playoff party? These Dr Pepper + Cherry Ice Cream Floats.



Three Winning (Easy) Dip Recipes

Three easy dip recipes for all your munching: Zesty Blue Cheese, Sriracha Ranch + Hoisin Mustard.

How to Throw a Homegating Football Party on a Budget




Creamy Spinach Artichoke Dip

Loaded with spinach, this classic artichoke dip is always a crowd favorite. Serve with an assortment of chips, veggies, and bread.


Grid Iron Gameday Party Mix

Salty, sweet and totally portable. Get your munch on with this party mix at your next football party.

Sweet + salty, cruncy + munchy. Does a party mix get any better than this?




Nashville Hot Chicken Wraps

Cheesy, rich, over the top flavor wrapped in a handy little game day meal.

Hot and spicy, full of tangy flavor and loads of cheese, these Nashville Hot Chicken Wraps are the perfect game day treat when cheering on your Vandy Boys. Sometimes hot and always cheesy, the Commodore would definitely approve.


Cheesy Rotisserie Chicken RO*TEL Dip

Savory + tender rotisserie chicken with a LOAD of cheese + RO*TEL. Yes. Do this.

Cheesy Rotisserie Chicken RO*TEL Dip




Homemade Bacon Jam

Sweet, tangy, and savory, this recipe for homemade bacon jam is great with crackers and cheese. Great for watching the big game.




Mega Mexican Sub Sandwiches

Now THIS is a party sub. Loaded with classic Mexican flavors like chipotle and salsa verde, this is a hit at any Superbowl party.

Mexican Gameday Sub Sandwich with Salsa Verde



Pop a Top Dr Pepper Chicken Wings

Sweet + sticky wings chargrilled to game day perfection.

Dr Pepper Chicken Wings



Beer Bratwurst Skewers

Savory grilled sausages with bold + bright veggies, glazed with an easy mustard sauce. Heck, yeah!

Bold Beer Bratwurst Skewers on the Grill



Get fast and easy instructions for this football banner DIY.



12th Man Texas Chili

This bold and hearty Texas Chili was originally created as part of our Collegiate SEC Tailgate Special. But heck, this is professional level good.




Thai Sticky Chicken Wings

No way around it, these are so good. If you love Asian-inspired flavor, these delicious chicken wings are a must for your big game gathering.


Carolina Mustard Wings

Another tailgate recipe from our SEC Special, these Mustard Chicken Wings are one of my favorite recipes on the whole entire blog. Tangy, savory, crispy and well…Superbowl Worthy!

Cocky's Carolina Mustard Wings just might be the best fried chicken wings I have ever eaten. And I've eaten a lot of chicken wings. Perfectly crispy breading, not greasy. And once you toss them in our one of a kind Carolina Mustard sauce ...WOW. These will certainly be the crave-worthy item that everyone will be raving about.



Bacon Wrapped Cabbage

Be the person that brings something different to the Superbowl party! This simple and tasty bacon recipe is so awesome, everyone will be going crazy over it.

Bacon Recipe: Want to wrap something in bacon and grill it until awesome? Fresh cabbage wrapped in thick cut bacon, grilled to perfection!



Full Cheddar Pimento Cheese

No self-respecting football party is complete without this Southern classic : pimento cheese. Serve it on crackers, with chips, on bread, on veggies. Score! (We have two versions.  Savory and sharp or a little sweet and creamy. Try them both!)


BLT Cheese Ball

Speaking of cheese…this BLT Cheese Ball is excellent. Easy to throw together, yummy on some crackers. Football and cheese go together like…well…football and cheese. 🙂

BLT Cheese Ball



Sweet & Spicy BBQ Wings

Are you seeing the pattern yet? Wings and cheese. I mean really, this is the biggest football game of the year, so you have to serve everyone’s favorite things. These Sweet & Spicy Wings are a classic grilled wing that everyone will love.

Our Sweet & Spicy BBQ Chicken Wing Recipe is the reason grills were invented. Perfectly sweet, smoky and with a little kick at the end. Want the secret?



Rachel’s Gumbo Recipe

We are spilling all of our yummy secrets, like our very best gumbo recipe. This will be a hit at your football gathering, so make a big pot. Serve with hot sauce, crackers and cold beer. A winning combo. (Plus all the little sausages cook up shaped like footballs. Cute!)



Candy Coated Pretzel Sticks

Time for something sweet! How about these super easy, super fun team-colored candy coated pretzel sticks?  These were originally made for our SEC Football Special, but how fun would these be in Superbowl team colors? Totally snack worthy and that’s why it is on our list of Superbowl Party Recipes.



BBQ Pork Sliders

Pig skins and pig meat. Yep, sounds good to me. In this recipe we will give you the how-to of throwing a pork shoulder in your slow cooker before you go to bed, and waking up to Superbowl worthy BBQ sliders. Serve with all the fixings and some pickles, and you will have a happy crowd.

These BBQ Pork Sliders are served with a sweet heat homemade Tiger Sauce and of course, a signature dill pickle. Your Auburn Tailgate will be the ultimate party zone on Saturday.



Mississippi Mud Chocolate Dessert Dip

You’ve gotta have something sweet at any party. This rich and decadent Southern-inspired dessert dip is just the thing.

Mississippi Mud Dessert Dip


Hot Kentucky Brown Sliders

So Kentucky isn’t going to the Superbowl, I mean, they don’t have an NFL team. But, these Hot Kentucky Brown Sliders should be at every Superbowl party. Turkey, tomato, bacon and cheese gravy. Buttery and yummy these will be a hit. Make a double batch. You’re welcome.



Marinated Steak Nachos

Do I even have to talk you into these?!!?! Steak. Nachos. Game over.
Zesty Marinated Steak Nachos | Buy This Cook That



Bacon Wrapped Cheese Stuffed Hot Dogs

Wrap something in bacon and it instantly gets better.

Get you some of these weenies!! Bacon-Wrapped, Cheese-Stuffed Hot Dogs with our super secret Sweet & Spicy Mustard Sauce. Get to the grill!!



Boom Boom Shrooms

This recipe is the Tom Brady of Superbowl recipes. Good looking, worthy of a super model, and the envy of everyone ever. If you make these, make a triple batch, they won’t last long.
Boom Boom Shrooms Stuffed Mushrooms



Veggie Pizza Appetizer

To balance out some of the total meat and cheese fest, we present you with this delicious ream Cheese and Veggie Pizza Appetizer. Another easy and tasty crowd-pleaser for your Superbowl Party Recipes.

Veggie Pizza Appetizer Recipe



Hot Ham Dip

This Hot Ham Dip is part of our SEC Tailgate Special. Perfect for football parties and tailgates, this savory cheesy dip features caramelized onions and delicious cured ham. Addictive!!
Hot Ham Dip, perfect for your next Arkansas tailgate and football gathering. Savory cheese, caramelized onions and perfect ham!



Chili Cranberry Crockpot Meatballs

This recipe was made for Christmas gatherings, but Christmas…Superbowl, same thing, right? Exactly. This easy and addictive crockpot recipe is perfect for any gathering of hungry people.
Superbowl is the 2nd BIGGEST FOOD EVENT in the US? People love to eat while watching football. Superbowl Party Recipes for the biggest game of the year.



Cheddar Stuffed Meatballs

Take your best meatball recipe and stuff each with a cube of real cheddar, baste with BBQ sauce and bake. Too easy, very yummy, and perfect appetizer for the big game.


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  1. gritsandpineconescom says

    Teri, your wings look delicious! I’m going to have to make them for my husband for the Super Bowl on Sunday!

    • Teri says

      Thank you so much! The Carolina Mustard wings are my personal favorites. I am going to make them this weekend, and toss half in the mustard sauce and the other half in an Asian sauce. Can’t wait. Let me know if you try them, I’d love your feedback.

      • Teri says

        Oh I knew exactly what you meant, Ellen. Your Packers had a tough break this season with the injury to Rodgers. No worries, they will be back. I’m just excited that my Titans are still in it (as of this moment). Maybe we can pull out the big upset over the Patriots this weekend.

        Hope you enjoy these recipes. I’ve got more to add this week.

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