Jingle Bell Christmas Garland

Christmas is my favorite. Every year I cannot wait until I convince my husband it is early enough to put up the tree. Yes, I’m one of those people who will not wait until “after Thanksgiving”. The earlier, the better. As a matter of fact, I’ve been prepping my holiday decorations and DIY’s since the day after Halloween. One of my projects is this affordable Jingle Bell Christmas Garland. Easy to make in any color you’d like, this simple garland will grace your tree for years to come.

Jingle Bell Christmas Garland | Buy This Cook That


Jingle Bell Christmas Garland

As much as I love buying new ornaments, I also love making my own. I like to paint my existing ornaments to match my Christmas “theme” for the season. Simple holiday crafts that don’t cost a lot of money are also high on my “Nice List”.

This easy Christmas garland meets all of my holiday demands: easy, fun, cute, and affordable. A quick trip to your local craft store and you’ll have everything needed to make this garland for your own home.


silver and gold jingle bells on a newspaper


Supply List for Jingle Bell Christmas Garland:

  1. Inexpensive jingle bells (the cheaper the better)
  2. Newspaper or drop cloth
  3. Spray paint in your favorite holiday color
  4. Twine small enough to loop through the bells, but sturdy enough to hold up to being wrapped around a tree  I like hemp twine.
  5. Measuring tape (I use my phone app)
  6. Scissors

Super simple.

For my Jingle Bell Christmas Garland I wanted a neutral color palette, so I opted for two shades of white spray paint. You can leave the bells in their original metallic shine if you prefer. Or how about bright, jolly red or pine tree green? It is totally up to you and what you want.

So get creative!


jingle bells that have been lightly sprayed with white paint


How to make Jingle Bell Christmas Garland:

  1. Arrange the bells on sheets of newspaper. Leave space between the bells as they will roll around when you spray them.
  2. Shake the spray paint well, and LIGHTLY mist the bells until they are covered. Work in light coats.
  3. Let the bells dry completely, then turn and spray the other side. Allow the jingle bells to completely dry before the next step.
  4. Decide how long you want your garland. Measure and cut that length of twine plus another third of the length. (For example, if you want a 20 foot strand of garland, cut 26+ feet of twine.)
  5. String the first bell to the end of the twine, leaving about 6 inches. Knot the twine around the bell loop.
  6. Thread more bells onto the twine. Leaving a hands width (or your preferred spacing), loop the bells into knots securing them evenly along the strand. (See photo below).
  7. Continue until you’ve reached the end. Jingle Bell Christmas Garland complete!


painted jingle bells knotted on rustic twine


Isn’t this adorable? I am absolutely in love with this garland. I made two and am working on my third one now.

Not only can you use this on your Christmas tree, but it also looks perfect draped over windows, mantles, and mirrors. I think it would look great on a rustic holiday table, arranged on a table runner around greenery and candles.


Jingle Bell Christmas Garland draped on an evergreen tree


More tips on making Jingle Bell Christmas Garland:

  1. To create depth and a more rustic look, don’t completely saturate the bells when you are painting them. Let some of the original color show through.
  2. Use colored butcher’s twine for fun looks. Click here for a link to color ideas.
  3. Don’t stop at bells. You can create this easy garland using small ornaments of any shape + size.
  4. To make your life easier, pick a twine or cord that doesn’t fray easily.
  5. Get the kids involved. This is a fun project for the whole family.
  6. Give them as gifts to your Christmas-loving friends.
  7. Drape over evergreen boughs and wreaths for a festive addition.


Hope you love this easy Christmas craft! Here are holiday ideas to try:

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Jingle Bell Christmas Garland | Buy This Cook That



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