14 of the Best Soup Recipes You’ve Gotta Try

I’m a “Eat Soup All Year Round” kind of girl, but there’s nothing more satisfying than a big bowl of comforting soup on a chilly day. I don’t know about you, but I also include stew and chili in the soup category. We’ve got 14 savory ideas for the best soup recipes that you’ve got to try. So grab your bown and spoon and let’s dig in!

14 of the Best Soup Recipes You've Gotta Try | Buy This Cook That

14 of the Best Soup Recipes (and Chili + Stews, too!)

Soup. Just the word alone stirs up memories of home, right? Those nights when mom and dad just threw something together in a pot and made it delicious. Or those classic family recipes that you love to make when the weather has a nip in the air. You know the ones.

Here are some of our best soup recipes. Enjoy!

Ginger Udon Noodle Soup

If you are looking for a savory Asian-inspired soup bursting with ginger and satisfying noodles, you have to try our Udon Noodle Ginger Soup. This soup was a total hit with my family. (Pretty sure there favorite part was the noodles.) This warming soup is easy to make and full of hearty mushrooms, fresh grated ginger, garlic scallions and more.

This fast + comforting recipe for ginger soup is tangy and delicious.

The Best Venison Stew

When your hubby hands you deer meat, you make Venison Stew. Perfectly seasoned tender meat with hearty carrots, potatoes, celery and onions….this stew recipe is the ultimate comfort food. Venison is almost always in our freezer, and this is a great way to use just about any cut of the lean and flavorful meat.

Venison Stew - Top 10 Recipes of 2017

Black Eyed Pea Chili

Black-eyed pea what?! Don’t judge it until you try it. Sometimes you are in the mood for chili and you don’t have any beans. It happens. After a little rummaging through the pantry, we thought peas would be a better addition to this chili recipe than Spaghetti-O’s.  Thus, our Black-eyed Pea Chili Recipe was born. Our recipe is easily adapted to what you have on hand, but we’ve gotta say…this version is pretty dang delicious.

Black Eye Pea Chili Recipe

Chicken + Cheese Tortellini Soup

You know this is going to be good. This is THE best chicken soup recipe we have had in a very long time. Chicken & Cheese Tortellini Soup features the comforting and familiar tastes of home-made chicken noodle soup…with awesome little cheese filled tortellini.

What is better than chicken noodle soup? Chicken & Cheese Tortellini Soup! Best chicken soup recipe using home made broth and cheese stuffed tortellini.

Hungarian Beef Stew

This recipe for Hungarian Stew is one of my favorite all-time food memories. Everyone has food memories, right? That amazing grilled steak you had at that restaurant a few years ago. Or that crazy-indulgent dessert your grandmother used to make for you as a kid? Those awesome little red, white and blue popsicles they had in your school cafeteria? Isn’t it wonderful how so many of our life experiences involve food….the flavors, the surroundings, the smells. You can literally taste that memory. So let’s go back about 15 years to one of my favorite girls’ weekends ever. To the meal I have been craving for over a decade(Hungarian Stew on a girls’ weekend? Yep.)

Hungarian Stew

Pulled Pork BBQ Chili

Guys and gals, can we talk to you for a second about our Spicy BBQ Pulled Pork Chili recipe? It is like a yummy BBQ pulled pork sandwich hopped into a bowl of spicy chili. You get tender pulled pork + the sweet tang of your favorite BBQ sauce. Oh, and then it swims and simmers for hours in tomatoes and spicy chili fixin’s until it is perfection.

Tender chunks of pork slow-simmered in a BBQ spiced chili recipe. Pulled Pork Chili.

The Best Ham + Bean Soup Ever

Ok, I’ll confess. I’ve never really had “bad” Ham and Bean Soup. And I may or may not be too close to the project. But this simple and hearty Ham and Bean Soup is so comforting and easy to make, it has made the jump to the top of my list.

You are going to love our best ever Ham and Bean Soup.

Chicken + Sausage Gumbo

Chicken + Sausage Gumbo. One of my favorite meals of all time. It is also one of my daughter’s favorites, and it is the only way I can get her in the kitchen to cook. Oh yeah, she cooked the best gumbo recipe ever, not me. Isn’t it funny how things taste better when someone else makes them? Full of chicken, sausage, okra, and veggies…and of course, a well browned roux and a very special seasoning.

Chicken and Sausage Gumbo

Texas Tailgate Chili

When I think of Texas, I think of two things. Beef and football. The best recipe to throw down a Texas Aggie Tailgate Party? A big spicy pot of 12th Man Texas Chili! Big chunks of prime beef and bold chipotle peppers and spices, slow simmered and then served with corn chips and cheese. Awesome. Everything is bigger in Texas, including the flavor of this chili. But just one little thing…we may have a controversy on our hands….you see, there’s beans…

Texas Tailgate Chili

Light + Healthy Vegetarian Butternut Squash Soup

I know what you might be thinking…butternut squash soup is supposed to be blended and creamy. Pureed until smooth. But I really wanted to combine the butternut squash with other vegetables. More colors. Healthy ingredients. Hearty bites. This lightly seasoned broth is full of vibrant squash, fresh spinach, mushrooms, peppers and cannellini beans. Every spoonful is packed with different flavors and textures.

Fall Butternut Squash Soup

Italian Crockpot Pasta Fagioli Soup

My new favorite slow cooker meal is Italian Crockpot Pasta Fagioli. This simple and savory soup is an instant classic dinner recipe. Featuring the cutest pasta ever and cannellini beans, this set it and forget it soup recipe is filling and delicious. (Yes, I said cute pasta. Ditalini is cute!) If you are a fan of pasta fagioli, you have to try this. So get the recipe, jot down your shopping list and hop to it.

Italian Pasta Fagioli

Three Bean Spicy Venison Chili

I almost messed up, ya’ll.  This chili recipe was soooo close to being a two-bean venison chili, but then I remembered the third bean. The sneaky cans of Bean #3 hanging out in the back of the pantry. This is the kind of thing that keeps food bloggers up at night. I mean, google two-bean chili. Go ahead.

Now google three-bean chili. TEN TIMES AS MANY PEOPLE WANT THREE BEANS IN THEIR CHILI. So there ya go. Bean math.

Three Bean Venison Chili

Crockpot Lasagna Soup

Crockpot Lasagna Soup is hearty and flavorful with all of the delicious flavors of your favorite lasagna. This is one of the very best creations we have made.  Lean beef, stewed tomatoes, fresh zucchini and mushrooms are slow-simmered for hours. We even added broken lasagna noodles at the end. So throw this crockpot soup recipe together today and enjoy a big bowl of…lasagna!

Crockpot Lasagna Soup

Southwestern Black Bean Soup with Roasted Jalapenos

This was a perfect weeknight meal. Southwestern Black Bean Soup was a hit with everyone in the family. It is really a super-easy, throw together meal full of healthy black beans, diced tomatoes, sweet kernel corn and seasoned bites of chicken. (And tastes even better for lunch the next day….if you have any leftovers.)

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