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A collection of recipes that are made in one pan!

Irish Stew | Buy This Cook That
One Pan/ Soups, Stews + Chili

Irish Stew

There are very few foods more comforting than a hot bowl of savory stew. This recipe for traditional Irish Stew is no exception. Simply prepared, this stew recipe is hearty and filling, with chunks of tender meat, potatoes, carrots, and parsnips. Seasoned with fresh herbs and Irish stout, this one pot recipe is my new favorite winter meal. Read our…

Chili Cheesy Round Steak
Beef/ Main Dishes/ One Pan

Chili Cheesy Round Steak

Contrary to popular belief, this food blogger does not dine on filet mignon and caviar. Most nights, our family dines on the basics. Meat, potatoes, veggies. Cheese. One of our go-to cuts of red meat is round steak.This relatively inexpensive cut of beef is also referred to as cube steak or minute steak. My personal favorite way to prepare this…

One Pan/ Soups, Stews + Chili/ Vegetarian

Healthy + Light Butternut Squash Soup

I know what you might be thinking…butternut squash soup is supposed to be blended and creamy. Pureed until smooth. But I really wanted to combine the butternut squash with other vegetables. More colors. Healthy ingredients. Hearty bites. This lightly seasoned broth is full of vibrant squash, fresh spinach, mushrooms, peppers and cannellini beans. Every spoonful is packed with different flavors…

30 Minute or Less/ Main Dishes/ One Pan

Veggie Sausage One Skillet Meal

There are times when you need an easy and healthy recipe. You know, something fast that isn’t a diet-buster. Veggie Sausage One Skillet Meal is exactly the go-to dinner recipe. Easy, check.  Healthy, check.  Fast, check check! Fresh zucchini squash, inexpensive chopped cabbage, sweet bell peppers and tangy cherry tomatoes …so good!  Combined with smoked turkey sausage, this one pan…

Beef/ Main Dishes/ Mexican/ One Pan

Chili Colorado Skillet

Lord have mercy, lemme tell ya’ll how good this Chili Colorado Skillet is. This rivals any restaurant version I’ve had. If you are a fan of this spicy Mexican dish, you have to try our recipe. This Mexican-inspired recipe features chunks of beef slow-simmered until tender in a rich, bold and spicy chili sauce.  That’s the best part. Spicy!…

Baked Lemon Rice
5 Ingredients or Less/ One Pan/ Sides

Baked Lemon Rice

Rice is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to stretch out any meal. Budget hero ingredient!  If you love tender, perfectly fluffy rice with zero effort, you have to try this Baked Lemon Rice. Throw together this simple side dish recipe in about five minutes with just a few basic ingredients. Then kick back brothers and sisters, and let the…

Sweet Potato Sausage Brunch
Breakfast/ One Pan/ Pork

Sweet Potato + Sausage Breakfast Skillet

I need a t-shirt that says “I love sweet spuds”. Seriously, I LOVE sweet potatoes. Funny thing is, I prefer them in a savory dish, like this Sweet Potato Sausage Breakfast Skillet. Sure, they are great with traditional brown sugar, butter,  marshmallows, pecans and served as a sweet-side dish or dessert. I will be the last girl on earth to…

Chili Potato Bowls
Chili/ Main Dishes/ One Pan

Chili Potato Bowls

Why have a plain old baked potato when you can make Chili Potato Bowls? Fall is here, time for all of your favorite comfort foods: chili, soup, stews and more. This recipe is an easy way to use your chili leftovers with a few special touches.  Tender and savory onions and peppers are a delicious topping for this meal. Super…

Hot Mess Skillet
Camping/ Main Dishes/ One Pan/ Southern Recipes

Hot Mess Skillet

Hot Mess Skillet is one of my husbands favorite camping recipes. We started making it together on our honeymoon, when we took a 1500 mile camping trip through Tennessee and North Carolina. Hot Mess Skillet is a little different each time, depending on what road-side produce we come up with along our journey. You don’t have to go camping to…