Fabulous Chocolate Gift Jar Ideas

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Gift giving doesn’t have to be hard, y’all. One of the most thoughtful things to give someone is a fabulous gift jar full of the recipient’s favorite things. We call this one “Chocolate Bar in a Jar,” and it is filled with rich, silky dark chocolate from DOVE® Chocolate Bars. Plus, we’ve got more sweet personal items inside. Read this post to learn more about NEW flavors from DOVE® and get our easy gift jar ideas, perfect for ANY gift-giving occasion.

Fabulous Chocolate Bar in a Jar Gift Ideas | Buy This Cook That

Chocolate Bars in a Jar!

I think people often overthink gift giving. What to get? How much to spend? Will they like it? Oh, let’s just get them a gift card. Gift cards are great, too, but we’ve got a great gift jar idea that is fun, personal, and perfect for any gift-giving occasion. Chocolate Bars in a Jar.

You can never go wrong with premium chocolate from DOVE®. For this gift idea, we made a 5-minute trip to Walgreens. That’s one of the best things about shopping at Walgreens. You can get in and out in a few minutes, and they have the best chocolate selection, unique gifts, gift cards, and more—all in one spot.

Choose Pleasure® with DOVE® Chocolate Bars, available at your local Walgreens today.

Find Dove Chocolate Bars at Your Nearest Walgreens

Gift Ideas from Walgreens

This gift jar contains the following, and we got it all at Walgreens:

  • DOVE® Bourbon Vanilla and DOVE® Dark Chocolate Bars
  • Walgreens gift card
  • Gold + glam coffee mug
  • Glitzy gold ink pen
  • Ribbon + lights…because you’ve gotta make it pretty.

Personalized Gift Jar Ideas | Buy This Cook That

Tips to Assemble this Personalized Gift Jar:

Gift jars are so easy to put together, and you can do virtually anything you want. As long as it will fit in the jar, you are golden. Here are our tips to make it great:

  • Pick a jar big enough to hold what you want to give. Think about the size and shape of the gifts and chocolate you are putting inside. We went with this awesome (and functional) jar that would hold a lot of goodies inside. Plus, the jar is part of the gift, too.
  • Place your biggest item inside first then work around to fill the jar.
  • Fill the space with fun items like ribbon, battery lights, confetti and more. This creates dimension, visual interest, and allows you to use colors to fit the occasion. Think pastels for baby showers, gold and silver for graduation, blush for weddings…the options are endless!
  • Tuck in a generous amount of rich and silky DOVE® Chocolate Bars.
  • Add gift cards and small trinkets such as key chains, ink pens, notepads, magnets, book markers, or coffee pods. Pick items that are meaningful. You don’t have to spend a fortune to make a special gift.

Chocolate Jar Gift | Buy This Cook That

Who wouldn’t love to receive a gift as gorgeous as this? Especially when it is full of silky smooth DOVE® Chocolate Bars.

Dove Chocolate Bourbon Vanilla

More Gift Jar Ideas:

  • Use colored jars or vases for a stunning gift.
  • Fill with small tools, beard oil, or cologne for a sexy gift for your man.
  • Teenage girls would love this filled with bold pops of color, lip gloss, makeup, and perfume.
  • Make mom happy by filling with a special card, crafting items, puzzle books, and movie tickets.
  • Daddy’s day? No worries. Fill it with DOVE® Chocolate or Chocolate Bars, his favorite snacks, and a gift card to a great restaurant.
  • Imagination and thoughtfulness are key!

Chocolate Gift Jar Ideas | Buy This Cook That

Whatever you do when creating this fun Chocolate Gift Jar Idea, be sure to buy a couple of chocolate bars for yourself. Who can resist? The smooth flavor of bourbon and vanilla in new DOVE® Bourbon Vanilla Chocolate Bar is the perfect blend of delicious. Think of it as a “gift to self.”

Dove Chocolate Bar in New Bourbon Vanilla

Do you have great gift jar ideas with DOVE® Chocolate and Walgreens? We’d love to hear about them. Feel free to leave a comment below this post. If you create a gift jar inspired by this post, tag us on Instagram @buythiscookthat and use hashtag #buythiscookthat #dovegiftjaridea.

Rich, dark chocolate blended with bourbon and vanilla

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