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5 Steps to Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen

Break out those cleaning supplies, people. It is that time of year to get down and dirty in your kitchen for some heavy duty spring cleaning!

There is nothing like a nice clean kitchen that makes you want to get in there and dirty it up again with all of your delicious home-cooking.

Here is our checklist to get you started. And us started. We are a real (messy) family living in a real kitchen, so our house needs spring cleaning, too.

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5 Steps to a Super Clean Kitchen | Spring Cleaning Checklist

Download this list here.

1. Overhaul that Pantry

Dig deep for that 3 year old unopened and expired box of mac and cheese from 2014. (Please raise your hand if you are guilty.)Click To Tweet

Take everything out. Yes, every single thing. Dig deep for that 3 year old unopened and expired box of mac and cheese from 2014. (Please raise your hand if you are guilty.)

Once you get everything out, toss anything that is old or expired. Organize what’s left into similar categories. (Group all canned goods together, the pasta together, boxed goods together.)

Clean the inside of your pantry cabinets with warm mildly soapy water and wipe with clear water. Let dry.

Place food back inside nice and tidy. This would be a great time to invest in inexpensive plastic containers for items such as pasta, cereal, flour, dried beans, rice, etc.

Here are some great ideas on making your pantry functional and pretty:

My Perfect Pantry Makeover | Buy This Cook That

How to Organize Your Pantry | Just a Girl and Her Blog (otherwise known as my dream pantry)

11 Products for Pantry Organization | Buy This Cook That

Free Label Printables | Shabby Creek Cottage




2. Face the Fridge & Freezer

You have probably put it off too long. Don’t act like you don’t know. Time to deep clean that refrigerator and freezer. Ugh. I know. This step is going to hurt.

Let’s face our fears together this spring and attack this chore head on. No one needs 24 partial jars of jellies, pickles, and whatever that stuff was.

Just like in step 1, you have to take everything out of the fridge and freezer. I recommend starting with the fridge, finish that, and then move to the freezer.

If the food is old, expired, or otherwise questionable, toss it out. Then take this moment to evaluate how you use food in your home:

  1. What are you wasting?
  2. Could you do a better job of managing your food inventory?
  3. How can you plan your weekly menu to include what you have now, instead of spending more at the store?

While the fridge is empty, clean and sanitize. If possible, remove shelves and drawers and wash them with hot, soapy water. If not, give them a good wipe down with sudsy water and wipe clean.

Place food back inside in an organized fashion. Don’t forget to wipe down the outside of the fridge…and clean the top, too. No one sees it, but the dust bunnies have built a home there.

Download this list here.

Don't forget to wipe down the outside of the fridge...and clean the top, too. No one sees it, but the dust bunnies have built a home there.Click To Tweet





3. Clean Your Appliances

This is similar to Step #2, but includes everything like your oven, stove top, microwave, toaster, dishwasher, toaster, mixer, coffee maker, etc. Basically, anything that has any residue or unidentified “crud” on it anywhere.

My family is very guilty of using an item, and then just tossing it back into the cabinet for storage. Oh, and let’s not discuss the microwave.

This is an essential spring cleaning step you cannot ignore.

Now is the time to wipe it down, scrub it up, and make it shiny and like-new.

Check out these ideas for cleaning your appliances:

Appliance Cleaning Checklist | Real Simple

How to Clean Appliances | Martha Stewart



4. Declutter Your Kitchen Drawers

For me, this is the most painful thing to do. I mean, I need 13 spatulas and all of those wine works I have saved for Pinterest crafts, don’t you? I NEED those twisty ties like I need air. I must have 3,426 shopping bags on hand at all times, just in case. Right?


Empty them all. I mean it. Totally empty every drawer in your kitchen. Wipe them down with sudsy water or a good cleaner.


I need 13 spatulas and all of those wine works I have saved for Pinterest crafts, don't you?Click To Tweet


Then have a heart to heart with yourself. Keep items of sentimental value, like your grandmother’s measuring spoons. Keep the things you use all the time.

Toss broken items, rusted items, dull items, items you have no idea what they are, and donate good items that you have too many off (like spatulas).

Group similar items together and evaluate if you can add drawer organizers to help maximize your storage space.

Download this list here.






5. Scrub and Shine Surfaces

Once you have overhauled your pantry, fridge, drawers and appliances, time to knock out those surfaces. You can’t call it spring cleaning until the surfaces are conquered.

Remove all clutter from your sink and counters. Deep clean using a good sanitizing cleaner that is safe for your type of surface.

Remove dishes from cabinet shelves and wipe down. Then polish your cabinet exterior with furniture cleaner. Or, if they are really grimy, use a soapy mixture of regular Dawn detergent and water, then wipe down.

If your cabinet exteriors are really greasy, you can use a highly diluted mixture of warm water and Trisodium Phosphate (TSP)TSP powder. You can find this at most home and hardware stores.  Follow package directions and test your surfaces before using. We have personally have used this and highly recommend it.

Last step, scrub and shine up those floors! The method you use will depend on your type of flooring. Here are some great methods to use:

Floor Cleaning Tips | Merry Maids

8 Tricks to Clean Any Floor | Real Simple

How to Clean Your Kitchen Floor |




Grab the spouse, grab the kids and get in the kitchen this weekend. Or kick them out and do it yourself. Whatever works best for you, let’s tackle our Kitchen Spring Cleaning!

What are your favorite spring cleaning tips? We would love to hear about your routine, so please feel free to share in the comment section below.

Download this list here.





5 Steps to a Super Clean Kitchen | Spring Cleaning Checklist

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