How to Shop in Season – Seasonal Produce Guide

Fresh seasonal produce is a must have in our home, and we hope it is in yours, too. We know that buying fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables can be expensive. One of the best ways to get the most produce value for your dollar is to buy in season. Pick items that are in season for the best possible quality and price.

Seasonal Produce Guide

In other words, skip that December watermelon and go for oranges instead.

Cherries in November? Bad move. But cranberries, great bargain. Same goes for vegetables. Fresh corn in February? Too spendy for my blood. Grab asparagus instead.

Another perk of buying seasonal? Food simply tastes better. When you buy vegetables and fruits out of season, they are probably grown in a hot-house or shipped from another part of the world. The time it takes to get the product from the field to your store will affect the quality and taste.

Do some research on when produce is in season, or check out our Seasonal Produce Guide.

(Peak season may vary based on your geographical area.)


Tired of overpaying for fresh produce? Our advice? Buy fruits and vegetables in season for the best price and quality. Get our Seasonal Produce Guide.


Here are some more great resources on buying seasonal produce:

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