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17 Kid-Approved Recipes

So let’s see a show of hands if your kids are ALWAYS looking for something to eat?! “Mom, I’m hungry!”  “Dad, we need something good to eat.” HELP!! So we reached out to some fantastic food bloggers.  They shared with us their very best Kid Approved Recipes.

Check out these yummy breakfasts, healthy lunches, super snacks and a couple of splurge desserts!

Need some kid recipes to get you through summer break? Are they eating everything in sight? Our list of 17 Kid-Approved Recipes will make you a hero.This post may contain affiliate links to products on which we earn a small commission. Buy This Cook That only promotes companies and products that we have used and love.

17 Kid Approved Recipes

I love my kids. And I know you love yours. But those little monsters can eat you out of house and home!

I finally know what my parents went through. I know why they used to hide their super-good snacks.

Ever been to the pantry to get that bag of cookies you had stashed yesterday and they are GONE? Vanished. No trace.


That gallon of sweet tea you just made last night? POOF.


Oh, you just THOUGHT you had a whole bag of carrots in the fridge.

KIDS!! Sweet little things.

Below, we have assembled 17 of the very best Kid-Approved Recipes from FANTASTIC food blogs. Be sure to visit each site and get their recipes to help you meal plan for your summer break. Your summer sweeties will thank you for these delicious new foods!

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Cocoa Banana Rollers from Sugar Bananas

“This is a favorite treat at our house. It’s also a great way to use up the last of your cocoa or shredded coconut. The recipe is very simple. Just slice, roll, and dip! ” – Sugar Bananas

Why we love these: easy, healthy and fun for the kids. It is an activity and a snack.

Blueberry Cheesecake Popsicles from Cricket’s Confections

“Lately I love anything in popsicle form. They are cute and practical, what is better than that?! These blueberry cheesecake popsicles are so easy to make with only three healthy ingredients you could eat them for breakfast!” – Cricket’s Confections

Why we love these: ummm, hello? Cheesecake! Great way to keep the kids cool after a day out in the yard.

Fudge Filled Peanut Butter Cookie Tarts from Ninja Mommers

“So last week I shared how I went kind of crazy and made Bite Sized Peanut Butter Cheesecake Cookie Cups…. Yes, I totally made those. Those little bites of heaven inspired me to create some more wonderful frankencookie creations.” – Ninja Mommers

Why we love these: This takes all the things we love (cookies, peanut butter, and fudge) and combines them into sweet little treats for our sweet little kids.

California Rolls for Kids from What a Girl Eats

“This is the story of my 11 year old daughter’s first attempt to make California Rolls!” – What a Girl Eats

Why we love these: this is a great way to get kids in the kitchen, and teach them new skills. Plus, it is a way to introduce them to new foods.

Cali Rolls for Kids by What a Girl Eats

Apple Pancake Rings from Momcrieff

“In most parts of the country, the kids are home for the summer! I’m actually glad the school year is over. But, now I need to plan a little better for breakfasts and lunches. Here is a favorite that I grew up with. Apple pancake rings!” – Momcrieff

Why we love these : because they are brilliant! Apple rings inside a tried and true pancake? Awesome.

Apple Pancakes from Momcrieff

Mexican Stuffed Shells from Tornadough Alli

“Apparently my kids favorite meal is tacos! Every year they always bring home these cute little homemade books for Mother’s Day and they ask all these cute questions about mom. Well they always ask, “What is your favorite meal your mom makes you” and it never fails that the kids always answer tacos! ”

Why we love these: they look so fresh and fun to eat, and are full of flavor.

Healthy Veggie To-Go Omelets from Inspiring Kitchen

“Having a healthy breakfast is the way to start your day off on the right foot. But sometimes finding time to make it is the challenge. With the start of spring, my goal is to create easy, healthy, on-the-go types of dishes. No fork needed.” – Inspiring Kitchen

Why we love these: healthy and fun way to get veggies in your kid’s meals, and we can enjoy them on the go.

Fruit Smores Dip from Peace but Not Quiet

“We tried this fruit dip a few days ago after school… just pulling things out of the cupboard for them to tear apart like vultures before they started eating the door trim. They loved it. You can dip any sort of not-too-soft fruit — apples, pears, bananas. Graham crackers also worked really well.” – Peace But Not Quiet

Why we love these : Smores remind me of summer and bonfires and camping. Why not make it healthier with fruit? Love!

Easy Cheese Pizza from Joy in Every Season

“Some nights call for quick and easy dinners, especially when it’s going to be cooked by a 6 year old. I knew he’d want to help cook and I know he loves pizza, so I figured I’d let him make it. This Kids Easy Cheese Pizza was something he could do entirely by himself!” – Joy In Every Season

Why we love this : Fantastic idea to get kids involved in cooking…let them make one of their faves. Oh and pizza, we love pizza.

Easy Cheese Pizza by Joy In Every Season

Fresh Peach Muffins from Happy and Harried

“I love muffins, they are so much fun to bake and eat. The traditional muffin method is the easiest way of whipping up a baked treat.” – Happy and Harried

Why we love these : muffins are fun to eat, and we love the use of summer peaches. Great seasonal recipe.

Fresh Peach Muffins by Happy and Harried

Pepperoni Pizza Bites from A Simple Pantry

“You guys. Seriously, these tiny little Pepperoni Pizza Bites blow my mind. They are so delicious, and moist, and delectable, and yum, and every other word out there for omg-get-in-my-mouth-now, you’re going to want to make them everyday.” – A Simple Pantry

Why we love these: a super-fun way to eat a family favorite!

Pepperoni Pizza Bites by A Simple Pantry

Creamy Macaroni & Cheese from Sweet Tea & Thyme

“I’ve been trying to create a creamy, easy mac and cheese recipe for forever. The magical factor that was missing was so simple. It was just so, so simple.” – Sweet Tea and Thyme

Why we love this : mac and cheese is a staple in our home, but we don’t like the boxed kind. What a great way to keep the kids happy and feel good about what you are serving.

Best Creamy Mac & Cheese by Sweet Tea and Thyme

Ham and Cheese Puffs from Recipe Tin Eats

“Save your leftover ham for these 5 ingredient, easy puff pastry bites … can even me made ahead!!” – Recipe Tin Eats

Why we love these: Who wants a boring ham and cheese sandwich when you can have these puffs? These are perfect kid friendly snacks they can pick up and eat on the go.

Ham & Cheese Puffs from Recipe Tin Eats

Chicken Quesadillas from Melanie Cooks

“Chicken quesadillas is one of my go-to recipes for using up leftover chicken. If you have any cooked chicken in the house, you are just 5 minutes away from having delicious chicken quesadillas at your dinner table!” – Melanie Cooks

Why we love these : healthy, flavorful and excellent way to disguise that leftover chicken. ????

Cheese Quesadillas by Melanie Cooks Are your kids eating everything in sight? Our list of 17 Kid Approved Recipes will make you a hero. Tasty snacks and more. Yum!

Crescent Roll Pepperoni Pizza Snacks from Buy This Cook That (that’s us!)

Is it just me or are kids always hungry?!  ALWAYS. Give them something cheesy and delicious that is a breeze for you to make.

These easy crescent roll Pepperoni Pizza Snacks are a great snack recipe that you can make in less than 30 minutes with just 4 ingredients. Yes. Four ingredients that your kids already love. Combine them all into a melty portable size snack they will go crazy for. We call this fun food!

Pepperoni Pizza Snacks

Cheesy Potato Bites from Rocky Mountain Cooking

“So good and cheesy, warm and comforting. Also, the Cheesy Potato Bites can be made ahead and pop them in the oven before serving.” – Rocky Mountain Cooking

Why we love these : First of all, they are absolutely adorable! Perfect kid-sized treat they can just pop in their mouth.

Cheesy Potato Bites by Rocky Mountain Cooking Are your kids eating everything in sight? Our list of 17 Kid Approved Recipes will make you a hero. Tasty snacks and more. Yum!

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