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Cute + Easy Rag Wreath DIY

Are you ever in that “crafty mood” and you don’t know what to make? Like, you know you want to create something, but you don’t have a lot of money but you want a cute craft project? This is the one. This Cute + Easy Rag Wreath DIY is adorable. Fast and easy, this wreath craft is made in just a couple of hours from simple fabric scraps. Plus you can customize it for your decor or holiday occasion.

Cute + Easy Rag Wreath DIY


Cute + Easy Rag Wreath DIY

Any time I make a trip through my local flea market I come home with a desire to MAKE SOMETHING. I want to make over every room, make cutesy farmhouse decor items and paint everything. Problem is, those things can cost a lot of money. But not this easy rag wreath craft.

Guys, I made this for 3 dollars. Granted, I already had the wreath frame from a previous Christmas Wreath craft. I did purchase the fabric on sale for this tutorial, but I didn’t use all of it. By the time I did the math, it came up to $3.


Rag Wreath Supply List:

  • 2 (ish) yards of fabric
  • 12-inch wire wreath frame
  • Scissors and / or pinking shears


supplies needed to make your own rag wreath: wire wreath frame, fabric, scissors


For the fabric, you can get creative and use just about anything. Here are some ideas for you to get that imagination going for your own Rag Wreath.

  • Old T-shirts or flannel shirts
  • Flowered sheets and pillowcases
  • Used curtains
  • Thrift store fabric scraps
  • Cheap bandanas
  • Upcycled old cloth napkins
  • Canvas and burlap
  • Soft denim
  • Lace and ribbon scraps


a picture of orange gingham fabric being cut with pinking shears


To start simply cut the fabric into strips about 9 inches long and an inch or so side. No need to be precise. My strips ranged from an inch to 2 inches wide. I cut some strips with regular scissors, but to add texture I cut others with pinking shears. You can find them in your local craft department. They also sell some with scalloped edges that would be very cute for this wreath craft.


piles of various fabric strips on a wooden table


You will end up with piles of fabric “rags” to make your wreath with. You can go with all one color, three or four solid colors, or mix and match patterns in a similar shade like I did. My goal was to create a vibrant wreath that would transition from the end of summer into the cooler fall months. (Plus, these are the colors of my favorite college football team, the Tennessee Vols.)

Just think of all the different wreaths you can make to accent your home. (Adorably + Affordably!)

More Rag Wreath Decor Ideas:

  • Pick soft and subtle shades and patterns for a perfect shabby chic wreath for your baby’s nursery.
  • Bright and bold school colors make this great for tailgating and homegating during football season.
  • Grab your favorite holiday fabrics to create a fabulous Christmas wreath.
  • All them holidays: New Years, Valentine’s, St. Patrick’s, Easter, July 4th, Halloween, Thanksgiving….
  • Make yours with a mix of lace and fabrics for a homemade touch at rustic weddings + receptions.


a picture of a fabric strip tied into a double knot on a wire wreath frame


To get started, turn the wreath frame so the “curved” side is facing you. This will be your “fluffy” side, and the curve will help give the rag wreath a fuller look. Take the first fabric strip and tie it in an even double knot around the center two wires. See image above for detailed example.

Repeat this double knot process on the outside two wires, then the inside two wires, then back to the middle. Alternate your patterns and colors as you work across the wreath. This will give it a random, unfussy look.

If you are wanting to create stripes (i.e., a red white and blue patriotic wreath), you can tie several rounds of one color then switch to another color to get the look you want.


several fabric strips tied onto a wire wreath frame in alternating pattern


After every 5 or 6 knots that you tie, slide the knots down onto each other. This creates that full wreath that you are after. Getting excited! My wreath is coming along nicely.


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a side picture of a partially complete wreath


Below is what your wreath should look like from the back. Note the pattern of middle-side-side-middle-side-side. There are no special knotting techniques, just a standard double knot. If you are looking for a fun craft with the kids, they will love this because they can do it, too. (Use supervision and good judgement when working with scissors.)


a backside view of the wreath while being assembled


Once you get going, this Rag Wreath doesn’t take much time at all. I completed mine in about 4 hours, working off and on while I did chores around the house. You can likely complete it much faster.

These wreaths are great to give as gifts, too. Especially if you know your friend’s house “colors” in their decor. You will see similar type wreaths for sale on websites for $25 – $60 dollars…but I’m confident you can create this look yourself.


This adorable Rag Wreath is perfect for crafters of any skill level. With a few bucks and a couple of hours, you can make a homemade wreath to fit your style.


To hang, cut a length of matching fabric or twine as long as you would like. Loop it through the wire frame and secure with a knot. If you see any rag pieces that are too long, just snip them off to shape the wreath how you like it.

That’s it. You can embellish your Rag Wreath with wooden letters, ornaments, bows and flowers. Whatever your style is, make it your own.

The instructions in this Rag Wreath DIY post are for a 12 inch wreath. To make a larger wreath, add about half a yard of fabric for each size up. You may need more or less depending on how full you make your wreath.


This adorable Rag Wreath is perfect for crafters of any skill level. With a few bucks and a couple of hours, you can make a homemade wreath to fit your style.


We would LOVE to see your original wreath creations. If you try this DIY Craft, post a picture of it on social media and tag us @buythiscookthat. 🙂


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