50 Plus Cool Kitchen Gadgets Under $20

50 Cool Kitchen Gadgets Under $20

Every time I am near a kitchen store I have to stop.  Even if I am not really looking for anything in particular, I’ve got my eyes peeled for the latest in cool kitchen gadgets.

I mean, doesn’t everyone need a cucumber spiralizer?  Yes! Yes we do.  Yes, I know my microwave has a kitchen timer on it, but it isn’t cute like the mouse-shaped one in this post. I have a dozen dish towels, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting these crazy-affordable ones with Elvis on them.

Kitchen tools can make cooking easier and fun. More fun. Funner. I know, I know, that isn’t a word and you can send the Grammar Police after me.  But say it.

Go ahead.  Say the word “funner”.  Say it out loud. Funner.  Fun isn’t it?

The best part? Every cool kitchen gadget in this post is under $20. Woot!

 50 Plus Cool Kitchen Gadgets Under $20

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