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Football season is our FAVORITE time of year. We love the weather, the crowds, the crazy football action, and of course, the food!  We have created a tailgate recipe for every team in the South Eastern Conference. Our goal: to capture the spirit of each school’s team and make a fun and delicious recipe using local flavor and flair. So we put our football differences aside, and researched every school. From Cocky’s Carolina Mustard Wings to the decadent Mississippi Mud Dessert Dip, we’ve got you covered on game day.

Desserts/ SEC/ Tailgate

Mississippi Mud Dessert Dip | Mississippi State Tailgate

Any self-respecting Southerner can tell you all about the ooey-gooey goodness of an old-fashioned Mississippi Mud cake. This tailgate recipe for Mississippi Mud Dessert Dip is inspired by that classic recipe. Rich chocolate dip is blended with bites of pecan, chocolate chips and marshmallows for a dessert no one at your next Mississippi State tailgate will be able to resist.…

Appetizers & Snacks/ Kid Friendly Recipes/ SEC/ Tailgate

Dawg Chow Cinnamon Chocolate Snack Mix | Georgia Tailgate

You can’t have an SEC Tailgate Special without something sweet and special from the Georgia Bulldogs! So we busted out this ADDICTIVE and delicious Dawg Chow Cinnamon Chocolate Snack Mix for your next Georgia Tailgate. You’ve heard of Puppy Chow snack mix right? Nah. No puppies in Athens. All Dawgs! Our recipe features the classic cereal…half coated with chocolate and…

Gator Bait Chicken Bites | Florida Tailgate
Appetizers & Snacks/ Chicken/ SEC/ Tailgate

Gator Bait Chicken Bites with Swamp Sauce | Florida Tailgate

Attention Tailgators: This recipe is for your next Florida tailgate party! Gator Bait Chicken Bites. No, we didn’t actually cook up alligator. That just seems…wrong. Yes, I know, many people love it, but I just couldn’t. So…we went for the next best thing. Chicken. Haven’t you heard? It tastes like alligator. Oh, and what’s in the Swamp Sauce? A little…