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Thai Tuna Lettuce Wraps + Spicy Ginger Carrot Cucumber Pickle

Thai Tuna Lettuce Wraps

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This post was kindly sponsored by Blue Harbor Fish Co. All opinions, ideas, and recipes are mine alone. #BlueHarbor

I this recipe. It was inspired by my very first trip to a Thai restaurant almost 20 years ago. Thai Tuna Lettuce Wraps are colorful and bursting with flavor. They are totally fun to make and eat. And there is no cooking. (Yes, I repeat, NO cooking.)

Sure you have to chop and slice up some veggies for the Spicy ginger Carrot Cucumber Pickle, but it is totally worth it. This recipe has it all. It is easy and tastes amazing. You get the mild flavor of white Albacore tuna + tangy vegetables + sweet Thai chili sauce + crunchy almonds and more.

Yes everyone will be jealous of what’s in your lunch box.

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Balsamic Whole Roasted Cauliflower

Balsamic Whole Roasted Cauliflower

I am crazy about easy side dishes. This one just might take the cake. Minimal prep time, and no chopping (yay!). Seriously, all you do is mix up an easy spiced balsamic drizzle and pour it on top of a whole head of fresh cauliflower. It doesn’t get much simpler than Balsamic Whole Roasted Cauliflower.

You’ll kick yourself once you try it.  Why? For not having done it before. One of those major “DUH” moments for me. Can’t wait to try this again with all types of toppings and spices. The only limitation to the roasted cauliflower dishes you can create is your imagination.

Wanna know the best part? This simple and flavor-packed side dish is low-calorie and low-carb.

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Dairy Free Frozen Peach Pie Bars

Dairy Free Frozen Yogurt Peach Pie Bars

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #DairyFreeGoodness #CollectiveBias

The back-to-school madness is starting to take hold. My house is messier. My lazy summer-time dream has been rudely awakened. My leisurely afternoons of coming home and preparing yumminess have been …let’s call it…unprepared.

I will not let the hectic back-to-school routine get in the way of making delicious treats. 

I will not let the hectic back-to-school routine get in the way of making delicious treats. 

I will not let the hectic back-to-school routine get in the way of making delicious treats. 

Frozen Peach Pie Bars put me back on track. Lightly sweetened, cool and refreshing, with the familiar goodness of graham-cracker crust, this dairy-free dessert will be a hit with the kids. (Think after-school snack or surprise dessert. )

Gold Star!

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Greek Yogurt & Fresh Herb Cucumber Salad

Greek Yogurt & Herb Cucumber Salad

This fast and healthy side dish recipe is one you will make over and over again.  Greek Yogurt & Herb Cucumber Salad is fresh, light, and colorful.

My favorite part? That creamy crunchy perfect bite of fresh cucumber and red onion with dill and chives. THE perfect bite. I’m voting this cucumber salad as the healthy recipe of my summer.

And is it just me or did eating right just get better?

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Dark Chocolate Frozen Banana Pops

After making these Dark Chocolate Frozen Banana Pops, I’m not really sure why ice cream is a thing.  Wait…let me rephrase that, because I totally know why ice cream is a thing.

I mean, if you have never had a frozen banana, you really should. They are so creamy, sweet, and so much healthier than a normal ice cream bar. We dipped ours in dark chocolate (oh yeah…).  Then we rolled the bananas in chopped pecans (keeps getting better, huh?).

This easy dessert recipe is one you want to get the kids involved in.  But I will go ahead and warn you, the sprinkles will make an appearance if you do.

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Honey Citrus Salad

Honey Citrus Salad

This easy recipe for Honey Citrus Salad is just for me. You know those precious weekend mornings you get all alone? It doesn’t happen often. The kids are at a sleep over. The husband is off hunting or whatever…you really don’t care. You. Are. Home. Alone!!

Wake up…total silence. You brew yourself some delicious coffee, snuggle up in a blanket in your favorite chair. And sit. In peace and quiet. Alone.

Then you get hungry. What to eat? Wait…I can make anything I want. In a serving size meant for one person!

After a quick survey of the fridge and pantry, I went for fruit. Simple, fresh and with a touch of honey and cinnamon, so delicious!

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Delicious Salads That Don’t Suck

The last time I stepped on the scales, I almost passed out. Like, literally. Oh. My. Booty.  Seriously, sign me up on the salad bandwagon right now. Time to lighten up and eat healthier.  The great thing about delicious salads is I really enjoy them.

The bad thing….it gets old. Fast. You get trapped in the lettuce, chicken, tomatoes, rinse, lather, repeat cycle. Ugh. Food Boredom kills the healthiest of intentions.

So what do you do? You find delicious salads that don’t suck. Look for new combinations of flavors. Search for variety.  We have gathered ten amazing salad recipes from some of THE best food blogs to help you get started!

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Spaghetti Squash and Meatballs

I see all of these interesting looking recipes using spaghetti squash all over the internet and they look amazing. I have even tried a few of them. But sometimes, the best recipes are right in front of you, Captain Obvious.

Listen, I’m NOT telling you that spaghetti squash tastes a damn thing like real pasta. It doesn’t. Not EVEN close.

But spaghetti squash IS delicious, healthy, and fun to eat. The buttery and sort of nutty flavor is perfect paired with your favorite toppings. My faves? Our homemade pasta sauce, meatballs, and loads of melty cheese.


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Southwestern Black Bean Soup with Roasted Jalapenos

Roasted jalapenos are kind of a big deal. Don't believe us? Try them with our Southwestern Black Bean Soup. You won't believe the amazing jalapeno flavor.

Roasted jalapenos are kind of a big deal. For those of you who are like “no way, this is going to be too hot”…don’t click away. This Southwestern Black Bean Soup with Roasted Jalapenos isn’t quite as spicy as you might think.

The seeded and roasted jalapenos are almost sweet (yes sweet) and are the perfect addition to this simple, hearty and flavorful black bean soup.

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