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Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese

July 4, 2017
Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese

Don’t you love how everyone tries to take a recipe and make it buffalo flavored? Yes, me too. Guilty as charged. You know why people do this? Because it is delicious. Take a salad. Make it buffalo chicken. Instantly better. Chips and dip. Add buffalo chicken. Brilliant.  Our recipe for Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese is no different.

A classic dreamy and creamy macaroni and cheese recipe is made even yummier by adding grilled chopped chicken and loads of buffalo hot sauce.

Every macaroni noodle loaded bite is full of chicken and cheesy tangy flavor with just a little bit of heat.

Addictively yummy.


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Okra Peppers and Vidalia

June 4, 2017
Okra Peppers and Vidalia

Fresh okra is at the top of my summer vegetable list. I love it breaded and fried, I love it stewed with tomatoes. And I especially love okra roasted with sweet bell peppers and Vidalia onions.

This easy and fresh side dish is full of flavor. Plus it is super-healthy.

Simply seasoned with olive oil, garlic, fresh lemon, salt and pepper, you will soon be addicted to this awesome summer side dish.

(We consumed this entire pan as an afternoon snack. True story!)

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Fried Green Tomato BLT

May 26, 2017
Fried Green Tomato BLT Sandwich

There are not enough words in the English language to tell you how much I love fried green tomatoes. Seriously. June in Tennessee means green tomatoes, and that makes me happy. And I am also the poster child for Bacon Addicts Anonymous. Thus, the Fried Green Tomato BLT Sandwich was born.

It was a miraculous yet surprisingly easy birth.

Do this. Make this sandwich. (And be sure to make our 5 Minute Tangy Remoulade to go with it.) Flavor explosion.

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Dilly Pickled Onion Rings

May 13, 2017
Dilly Pickled Onion Rings

A Southern kitchen is not complete without an array of pickles and relishes.  Seriously, we will put just about anything into a jar with vinegar and sugar.  Pickled onion, cucumber, okra, corn, green tomato, watermelon rind… You name it, we have tried it.

When I found this family recipe for easy Dilly Pickled Onion Rings, I had to give it a whirl.  This recipe just feels like home. Sweet, sour and tangy, it doesn’t get any easier than this.  Dump everything into a jar, shake and put it in the fridge.

My husband and I come from a long line of geniuses.

Humble brag. *Eats straight from the jar*

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Country Chicken Cacciatore

May 11, 2017
Country Chicken Cacciatore. Country garden vegetables like fresh zucchini and summer squash, tomatoes, and white wine create a flavorful stew that is amazing.

In the event you are ever at a total loss of what to cook, remember this recipe for Country Chicken Cacciatore. This one pan recipe hits all the yummy high notes.

Golden brown chicken thighs are cooked until the skin is crispy, but tender and moist on the inside. Country garden vegetables like fresh zucchini and summer squash, tomatoes, and white wine create a flavorful stew that is amazing.

Yes, I said amazing.

You have to try this recipe.

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Cocky’s Carolina Mustard Wings

October 10, 2016
Cocky's Carolina Mustard Wings | South Carolina Tailgate

For your South Carolina Tailgate! I think this is my favorite recipe we have done so far in our SEC Football Tailgate Special. As a matter of fact, Cocky’s Carolina Mustard Wings just might be the best chicken wings I have ever eaten. And I’ve eaten a lot of chicken wings.

Perfectly crispy breading, not greasy. And once you toss them in our one of a kind Carolina Mustard sauce …WOW.

These will certainly be the crave-worthy item that everyone will be raving about.

(Or any tailgate party!) Click here to get the trick to perfect crispy wings, and of course, the secret to the sauce—>

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Southwestern Black Bean Soup with Roasted Jalapenos

August 15, 2016
Roasted jalapenos are kind of a big deal. Don't believe us? Try them with our Southwestern Black Bean Soup. You won't believe the amazing jalapeno flavor.

Roasted jalapenos are kind of a big deal. For those of you who are like “no way, this is going to be too hot”…don’t click away. This Southwestern Black Bean Soup with Roasted Jalapenos isn’t quite as spicy as you might think.

The seeded and roasted jalapenos are almost sweet (yes sweet) and are the perfect addition to this simple, hearty and flavorful black bean soup.

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