4 Summer Cocktails You’ve Gotta Try

Time to enjoy the season with 4 delicious summer cocktails. Bursting with fresh fruit flavor, these cold and refreshing drinks are just what you need to cool off in this heat! Break out the ice and let’s get to mixing.

Summer Cocktails : Who Needs a Drink?

Here’s to you! Four fab adult beverages to sip on this summer. Warning: they are yummy. Please enjoy responsibly! 🙂

Blackberry Mojitos

Fresh Blackberry Mojitos

My favorite summer cocktail of all time is a classic Bacardi rum mojito. I love the light + refreshing flavor of lime and mint with smooth white rum. Combine a signature rum cocktail with fresh, summer blackberries to take these bubbly cocktails to a whole new level. Blackberry Mojitos capture the flavor of summer.

A citrus margarita on the rocks

Sugar Sunset Margaritas

So we have all heard of a Tequila Sunrise, but how about Sunset Margaritas? These…are dangerous. They taste so sweet and fresh, with a perfect balance of flavors. Freshly squeezed lime and orange juices with a little surprise at the end. No tequila was harmed during the making of this blog post. I’m lying. Whole bottle, gone. Let’s just call it experimental mixology.

Sparkling Red Wine Sangria

Sparkling Red Wine Sangria

Deliciously fruity, this Sparkling Red Wine Sangria is so easy to make and even easier to relax and enjoy. Go ahead, picture yourself with a chilled pitcher of fresh fruit swirled with a citrusy, red wine. This make ahead sangria recipe is perfect for back yard cook outs and porch parties.

And right now. Right now is good.

Ruby + Rosemary Prosecco Cocktail

Ruby + Rosemary Prosecco Cocktails

If you love light and refreshing cocktails with fresh pops of citrus flavor, our Ruby + Rosemary Prosecco Cocktail is for you. Bursting with tiny prosecco bubbles with a hint of honey and rosemary, this cocktail is perfect for sipping and sharing with friends.

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